Happy Birthday To Me! La La La!

I have no idea why I am in such a good mood. It might be because I finally decided that I am in charge of how I behave and it’s time to stop being such a cranky-pants before everyone just leaves me in a dark closet somewhere to fester. Sometimes it’s so bad that I don’t even want to hang out with myself. So, I am trying to be a person I might want to hang out with, i.e. not cranky. Plus, what kind of wife and mom is cranky all the time?

So, over the past two weeks, the following things have put me in a good mood:

  1. Planting new flowers in the stoop/balcony garden. All my perennials came back, my azalea is huge and exploded with color because it was warm and I remembered to water it, and my roses are starting to bloom already. I got happy marigolds and geraniums for the balcony because they did very well last year. Our little house looked very sad with all the dead plants from the fall still lurking. What a difference to come home to flowers.
  2. I am on schedule for my half-marathon in June having just did 10+ miles this past weekend.
  3. The Pumpkin got invited to a friend’s house for pizza and a movie on Saturday so Frank and I had a date night. We tried a new Bierstube (German bar) where the food was tasty and affordable, the beer menu extensive, and our waiter was very hospitable.
  4. I’m very busy at work so the time is flying by. Everything is on schedule and going well.
  5. A generous tax return and getting back on budget with enough for some very needed home repairs. We’re saving up for something really special next year so we’re motivated to stay on track. Having a little cushion is like a weight has been lifted so I am trying to protect that.
  6. Chloë, our black cat, who was once feral, brought me two lovely presents (mice) delivered at 5:45 a.m. with meowing. Yesterday I was too tired from the three hour budget session Monday night, but this morning it totally got me going in time for a run. Now maybe our little friends will vacate.
  7. I signed up for the Color Run 5K in July with a colleague at work which should be awesome and just the thing to keep me on target for the big half in November.

It’s really nice to begin the year on a positive note. I probably should write something more profound but these days it’s the day to day and the near future that occupies my mind. Anyway, I’m simply too tired to ponder.


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