Half Marathon Training Adventures

My running feet.I am enjoying a quiet few minutes before the fam wakes up. I absolutely have to make pancakes or the Pumpkin is going to freak out. Rightly so – I’ve been promising for three weeks now.

I finally dyed my hair because I am tired of being frumpy-hair girl. I was going to go blonde to be uber-krauty for the run but my favorite color was available so now I have a delicious shade of orange. There is no way I won’t be spotted in a crowd of runners.

I didn’t think it was possible but I have maintained my running schedule. My last long run, yesterday, was 11.3 miles and that’s in the heat. With three weeks to go, I feel great! Slow and steady is working. The next two weeks will be 12 mile runs. I’m not thin. I’m not fast. I still spend the first two, or so, miles wanting to get back into bed. I stop. I walk. But, I keep going.

I have a busy schedule. I work full-time. I sing in a choir. I have a kid, who needs homework help and dinner cooked every night, not to mention that pillow project. I have various web projects to tend to. I did have to let certain things go an extra day or two, like folding laundry, so I could get into bed at a reasonable time so I could get up to run a few times a week.

I got sick, twice, and missed a week each time, of shorter training runs. But I didn’t give up and got right back out there.

So, if I can run a half marathon, anyone who isn’t injured, and wants to run a half marathon, can do it. Seriously. I’m happy to share my gain with very little pain training plan, updated to reflect all the days I didn’t quite get out as often as I should have.


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