After a Tent, Our Row House Seems Downright Spacious

Family camping, June 2012This year, we decided to try out camping as a family. I’ve been a little nervous about it. When you have a kid that doesn’t listen, you worry that you’ll wake up to find her drowned in the river (worst case) or outside collecting all manners of flora and fauna (very likely) or wandering around other people’s tents (also very likely). Then there is the constant touching of things and always with the hands in the mouth so maybe poisoning? And, if there is an injury, the nearest hospital is like 800 miles away. I’m aware that I’m probably quite a bit paranoid, but better safe than sorry so we’ve avoided camping until now.

We were invited by friends to a place they frequent in the Poconos, a campgroud about three-and-a-half hours from Philly. Fortunately, most of the driving is through really windy country roads, which are always fun. This time, I took Dramadine so not only did I not get carsick, I was able to read the directions the entire time. Which is good because in the country, they don’t always mark the street names and the locals don’t always know where things are either. On the way back, we stopped for dinner, which made the trip home seem a lot less laborious than the trip up so next time, I think I am going to find some things to do along the way to break up the driving. I recently discovered that the marshmallow “Peeps” store is practically on the way so we’ll just have to make that a stop. Besides, “Peeps” are great for s’mores.

The campground was really fantastic. It’s just beautifully situated on the Delaware river and our little spot was right on a brook (see picture). A perfect place to camp. The husband had been to the campground before but it was the first time for the Pumpkin and I. When we arrived, most of our group was already set up (they didn’t have to take the stupid Schuylkill expressway). But we had plenty of daylight left and got our tent up super quick. I love modern tents. They practically put themselves up.

We set the following ground rules for the pumpkin:

  1. No going anywhere without Mom or Dad.
  2. No leaving the tent without Mom or Dad.
  3. Try not to pick anything.
  4. Don’t eat anything you pick.
  5. Don’t harrass the wildlife.
  6. Wear your life-vest.

I have to say, she was super the entire weekend and being the only kid, it wasn’t easy. I also didn’t bring a lot of things for her to do (uber Mom fail) so it could have gotten really bad, really quickly, and it would have served me right. Next time, I’m going to bring a sketch-pad and colored pencils, sand toys, paper… For me, at least a good book, and maybe some crochet.

I did have more to write but this comes of waiting a few weeks to jot things done. In any case, we’re planning on going again since it’s really the only sort of getting away we can manage this summer.


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