Introducing Ziggy!!

At one point I tried to have a blog for our car, Ziggy, who is very popular. Why did I do this? Because for anyone who loves their slightly older car, it’s a labor of love. Machines break. It happens. However, it doesn’t mean that your 15 year old car isn’t as good as anyone else’s car. We happen to think our car is pretty awesome! Not only do we think our car is awesome, but quite a few other people who also have a BMW 318ti (compact) think they’re pretty awesome too. So I thought a blog would be fun.

Ziggy - 1997 BMW 318ti

My husband is a BMW-certified mechanic so the idea was to post helpful information (adventures in car repair). But, in typical ADHD fashion of jumping in before realizing it’s more work, so, this will become a category in my new uber-blog.

Why did we name our car Ziggy? Because he’s sporty and quick. And, when you love your car this much, he’s like a member of the family. 318ti just isn’t enough of a name for such a super little car.


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