Ziggy’s Idler Pulley Went Kaput!

Frank was returning to work yesterday when he heard an odd noise. When he got out to inspect, it turned out that Ziggy’s idler pulley had disintegrated. Without the idler pulley, the belt that runs the alternator, air conditioner, and the supercharger won’t work correctly. In other words, not a very happy Ziggy. Thankfully, the belt was still resting on the bearings and able to keep all the other pulleys and related mechanicals working. Ziggy made it safely into the garage.

The place that makes our supercharger, Downing Atlanta, doesn’t make the supercharger any longer and the woman who picked up the phone didn’t have any information about where they get the pulleys from. It was a bleak moment.

One of the down sides of owning an older car, that’s been discontinued, is that parts are sometimes hard to come by. However, Frank brainstormed with his boss at VAC Motorsports, and they came up with an idea to modify an existing pulley that was lying around. Then, in a further stroke of luck, Frank happened to have a pulley in his toolbox that was just the right size.

The result is shown in the video above. We’re just waiting on a new belt tensioner and Ziggy will be back on the road!

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