Is Mankind Infinite?

As a Christian, I believe that everyone has a unique soul and that soul is everlasting. However, while I was running for my life from the produce section at my supermarket because some yahoo decided to attack the automatic door with a metal pipe and I didn’t want to stay around to see if he had another weapon, considering the recent Colorado tragedy, I wonder… has mankind somehow reached a point of… limitation?

Considering all the people who have existed from the dawn of humans, and all the people on the planet right now, and soon to be born, we’re talking about a ridiculous number of souls. I understand and accept miracles; that God has this all worked out. And, logically, because of the complexity of human life and what makes a person an individual allows for so many unique combinations from a scientific standpoint, surely human life can keep on going indefinitely.

But, I have this feeling that something is out of balance. More and more souls are born missing something; something that results in violence, or inherent, tremendous sadness, or antipathy from a lack of connection of the world and each other.

It’s probably because these days, my little family is in a holding pattern while we stabilize our lives a bit and we don’t have any life-changing plans in the near future. I don’t do well when I’m not planning something. I start to think about things… Anyway, it’s probably just something I ate.

Doom and gloom aside, the soul is a fascinating thing to think about. What if there is reincarnation and our souls are older than just one lifetime? How can we measure the soul’s size or age? Why do some people seem predestined to accomplish great things? Is their soul bigger? Can the soul be damaged? Is it just electricity in the brain? But then why aren’t we all alike, since the chemistry and physiology work the same. Why do we sometimes find new things familiar when it can’t be?

If anyone wonders why I perpetually work on 100 projects at once, it’s because otherwise, I would drive myself batty with trying to figure these things out.


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