On the Eighth Day…, or Is God Still Creating Things?

My husband drives us to work the same way, at the same time, every day. We travel along a rather busy street because the New Jersey transit commuter train has a station nearby and a lot of people walk along 16th Street to get to the high-rise office buildings on Market and JFK Streets. Sometimes I wonder, how did we get here, to this point? How is it that every other animal on this planet pretty much has to deal with the world as is, and we were able to make our own environment, to the extent that we have. Our entire structure of being is man-made. How are we the only animal to have done this, and the only version of homo-what-have-you to have been able to get this far, to a point where hundreds of people walking to work is commonplace? I know there are physiological reasons, pose able thumbs and whatnot, but still, every now and then, it’s mind blowing.

And then I see someone wearing Uggs, in August, or Crocs with a suit, which is distracting.

When thinking about how the world of humans work, I think about our origins. I believe we were created by a higher power, or at least designed. I always loved the way the Masons refer to God as the great architect of the universe because God does seem like a designer of things.

My question is this, did God just stop? I know a lot of creative people and none of them just stop creating. Sometimes they slow down, or take longer breaks between projects, or change media, but no one just stops. So, certainly, it’s not too far fetched to think that God is indeed still creating things, but what?

It often seems that the theory of evolution and the idea of divine creation are conflicting, but, what if newly discovered species, and evolved species are new creations and revisions of existing creations? What if God is still very much at work, designing new things? Not because those things weren’t perfect, but because as a creator, God simply likes to make new things, or make existing things different? Even though the universe is expanding and God probably has all sorts of new projects to work on, every one likes to circle back and revisit old projects once in a while and perhaps God does too.

Of course, we’ll never know while we’re alive, which is somewhat unfortunate, unless, in discovering things ourselves, we actually do see evidence all around.


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