The Start of a Long Adventure

Ziggy, our first BMW 318ti.
Ziggy I

About two weeks ago, our beloved Ziggy was parked in what we thought was a safe place; behind a very large demolition dumpster. However, when a minivan comes racing down a street at 60 miles per hour and hits said dumpster head-on, well, physics can only do so much. We still can’t understand how anyone can hit a dumpster since they’re not exactly hard to see. However, these things happen.

It would be easier to take if we hadn’t just gone down this same path not more than two years ago when Ziggy was hit by a drunk driver trying to avoid a cat. The first time Frank was able to work out the kinks and get Ziggy back on the road. This time, we were not so lucky, or rather Ziggy wasn’t so lucky.

At least no one was hurt and this is exactly why you have insurance. But still, it sucks. There is a lot more to this story but no need to get into the non-car related details here.

After a few intense days, we got the final verdict that our car was being totaled. No one likes that news but on the bright side, we bought the car back from the insurance company so we could keep all the viable parts, of which there are plenty.

Don’t worry, there will be a happy ending and we’ll share the adventure here!


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