High Fashion Magazine Delivery Day – September Edition

It’s actually a high fashion magazine that I got last week but with everything that’s been going on, I’m only looking through it now. Doesn’t matter since it’s only just barely September anyway. This issue is the magazine that isn’t as good as the other one, editorially speaking. Yes, that’s right; for some reason, I am getting two high fashion magazines.

I love Fall. I love, love, love Fall. The high fashion magazines seem to return to sensibility and structure when the cooler weather approaches. I am amazed that more than ever, the scope of fashion is all over the place. There really is a way for just about anyone who puts just about any effort into what they look like, to be fashionable. It’s never been easier, really. And the features of the models vary so widely; even big noses, and I’ve always been so worried about mine. If we could get more sizes it’d be great. In any case, I really hope this is a trend to represent a wider variety of women in magazines. After all, the readers certainly don’t all look the same.

Ok, we’re off. I really like the latest Louis Vuitton handbags. Not so crazy about huge, head-devouring, teapot cozy hat they’re wearing but the bags, with the over-sized buckle over the classic leather in a doctor bag style, is very nice. I also like the longer aline jackets over a tight, mid-calf length skirt. Reminds me of the 1960s and the 1910s all at once. There are also a few leopard print bags that are also very chic! Another awesome handbag is the red or green box-shaped bags from Prada. They’re sort of like totes but not quite so big. They have these little contrasting diamond shapes on the side. Very polished but whimsical at the same time.  

I don’t want to like Ralph Lauren, knowing that they’ve promoted ridiculously thin, photoshopped models, but their Fall line of tweedy 1920’s inspired clothing is just wonderful (http://www.ralphlauren.com/family/). I’d buy the entire line if I could, except for the jodpers. Those look horrific on anyone with decently meaty calves. To go with the lovely Ralph Lauren line is any jacket or sweater from Belstaff. I am in love with all of this.

Of course, every issue has a WTF and this month, it’s the models for Marc Jacobs, who look like they’re two minutes away from expiring due to tuberculosis; or zombies. They could be zombie-chic. If that’s coming into vogue I’m going to have to stock up on the SPF 150 and dark eyeshadow. Or I could just continue to stay up late writing blog posts while getting up at 5:30 am every morning to go running.

Fall issues are so huge and I’m only half-way through. Next, I noticed a very cute black wedge shoe, sort of strapy with a bow by Charlotte Olympia (see a sample of her adorable shoes here – http://www.talkshoes.com/category/charlotte-olympia/) who you may remember from a few posts back when I raved about her kitty shoes. She is probably tied for my favorite shoe designer with Louboutain. Her’s are more expensive, if you can believe it.

Embroidery is big, of course, since layers (even layered thread) are great for fall and winter. I love anything black with embroidery whether it be a coat, bag, or boots. This can get very overwhelming, very quickly, so I think black mellows it out a bit; unless it’s monochromatic. Tone on tone is quite decadent, in a good way. It’s fun to see pieces like this, which remind me of a pair of black on black, embroidered granny boots I had in college. I wish I still had them; they’d be so in right now, which is amusing because I am whatever the opposite is of right now.

Our winter was really mild last year so I’m sure this year it’s going to be horrible. I noticed we just got a new Barbour store on Walnut Street and voila! High fashion mag recommends a Barbour parka with furry hood. I love the army green colors and natural fur collars. It just goes with the Ralph Lauren tweed above. I am just so coordinated (snicker)! Of course, I would only do faux. Bunnies and foxes are more cute when they are scampering about. Maybe squirrel because I am tired of them eating my attempts at a veggie garden.

Finally, because it’s not always about clothing, there was wonderful article about Michelle Dockery, who stars in Downton Abbey, which I will be catching up on as soon as it makes its way to Netflicks.


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