Hello Hurricane Sandy

Flooding during hurricane Sandy in Philadelphia, 2012.
Flooding during hurricane Sandy in Philadelphia, 2012.

I really resent that this storm has a perky name like Sandy. I bet just to spite the storm namers it’s going to be particularly horrible.

We’re as ready as we can get. One of the best things about living in a small row house is that since you’re attached, your home is sort of bigger than it is. Together, with our neighbors, the building size is closer to 2800 square feet, so somewhat sturdy in size. We all only have two walls with windows to worry about. It only took the husband 10 minutes to clean out all the gutters. I’m really only worried about a tree falling on us or our basement kitchen getting flooded, which the turtle would probably love. And we’re sort of in the middle of a block, surrounded by bigger homes, so hopefully everything will be OK. We even found a parking spot for Ziggy2 that isn’t by any big trees.

Anyway, nothing we can do. The entire city is closed so no work for anyone, although as long as we have power I can technically work. I left all the chores I can do without electricity, like folding laundry, to do until tomorrow. If they did it in 1712, we can do it now.

In a way, the forced time off is good since I have contracted a seasonal ick and feel horrible.


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