Pinterest: Providing Focus for the ADHD Shopper

As storm Sandy rolls in, we’re enjoying the last of the power. What better time to update the blog, since it’s been a while.

Pinterest is bad, very bad. It’s a lot quicker than blogging and it’s incredibly addictive. I’ve been a very lazy writer since I started my Pinterest boards. So I thought it would be fun to share my activity. I’ve mentioned previously that because we’re living small, we follow very strict rules about what we buy. I can’t afford to make any purchases that aren’t long term, very long term. This isn’t always easy because one of the side effects of ADHD is that when you go shopping, you tend to make impulse/compulsive purchases. This was fine before we had expenses like afterschool care and a mortgage and I had a huge closet. Now, the idea of shopping is terrifying because there is no margin for error.

One solution is to avoid stores but eventually you need to buy new socks or underwear. It can take me hours to pick out underwear and no one even sees it. I envy people who have a clear vision of their style. I don’t have a clear vision about anything.

I used to keep a scrapbook filled with clippings from catalogs and magazines. After clipping and taping and editing the items, for years, the book became a clear idea of what my style was, even if I got distracted. When I remembered it, it was a great defense against the retail version of beer-goggles, when I remembered it. Then came along Pinterest and voila! Now I have the same thing but on my phone. Eureka! In fact, the other day I needed a new pair of casual pants and thanks to my Pinterest board, I could confirm that the pants I chose were those that I was going to still like past the first wearing and also fit the it-has-to-go-with-everything-else criteria.

Pinterest is a wonderful tool for keeping organized. I just need to remember to update my other web things as well, lol!


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