Philadelphia Tweed Ride 2012

Philadelphia Tweed Ride 2012
Philadelphia Tweed Ride 2012

Last year, I discovered this really awesome event in Philadelphia called the Tweed Ride. I was really bummed out that we missed it so I friended the group on Facebook so I would have plenty of warning this year. Then, I got an update that said if no one stepped up to take over the planning, it wouldn’t happen.

Nooooo! I couldn’t let that happen so I stepped up. I had no idea what I was doing but I said if a few people would help, I wouldn’t mind planning (see my lovely spoke card). Well, things worked out better than I could have hoped for. My fellow planners were experienced and together we put on a wonderful event. The weather was absolutely perfect for the ride and our picnic where we were entertained by a local vintage baseball (the pre-modern version which is like cricket, sort of). We had such a good time doing it that we’re thinking about regrouping in the spring for another ride.

If you don’t know, a Tweed Ride, is a bicycle ride around town, where people often ride antique bikes (pre-1970) while wearing tweed outfits that look like they’ve walked off a movie set in the 1920s, in England. The inspiration is the beautiful days of bicycling, before spandex. The point is not how fast, but how stylish. (See pictures!)

Earlier this year, we bought the Pumpkin a bicycle of her own since she had apparently taught herself, more or less, to ride a two-wheeler, and certainly deserved it. Although the ride is punctuated by the picnic, the route was still seven miles on city streets. Our little girl, the youngest cyclist by far (like the only one under 20), trooped the entire time, never getting tired, never complaining, except at the very end and we were all complaining about our bums by that time. When everyone was enjoying the after-party, she got a big round of applause.

So it’s going to be an annual event. It’s wonderful to have a vintage-oriented event that the entire family can come out for. We already have plans for our picnic basket, outfits, and possibly some new old bikes.


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