What I’m Thankful For 2012

There isn’t really enough space to list everything I am thankful for. Right now, there is no way I could be here, typing away unless I hadn’t been rescued at least several times by my family members. Seriously. We can’t do it alone. There aren’t words to express how thankful I am, every single day.

Because this is a public forum, I try not to mention too many details about my extended family members, out of respect for their privacy, so I’ll keep things general.

Our adventures took us to beautiful Connecticut. During our two-day stay, the husband and I joined our intrepid host for a four-and-a-half hour hike to the top of a nearby mountain. Turkey? Stuffing? Sweet potato? Cake for breakfast? Ha! You are no match! There was also much stimulating conversation. They have a wonderful little home (our love of small spaces is family-wide) with a large property where we can let the Pumpkin run wild (and chop wood, “I made lumber mommy!”). It’s warm and relaxing, and feels immediately comfortable. We need to visit more often, seriously.

I was remarking to the husband how rejuvenated I felt when I noticed that the road we were traveling on, as we ventured onward to New York, had a plethora of 18th/19th Century houses. As I turned my head spastically to look at one glorious house after another, while we were traveling along a windy road, well, yeah. By the time we got to Westchester, I was green. So we had to make a pit stop while I recuperated. Thankfully, we stopped in advance of any digestive pyrotechnics.

My mom and step-dad do Thanksgiving on Saturday, which is easier for them but also means no one fights over who spends Thanksgiving with whom. This year, they made lasagna, which was a nice break from the turkey. It really was just the fam and close friends but we’re up to ten adults and three kids, and this isn’t even half of us now. Really, our family is just getting bigger and bigger but in the best way.


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