School Shooting in Connecticut

I don’t think anyone can understand what makes someone shoot a child, let alone several. When I read the news, I saw my entire life, without the Pumpkin, flash before my eyes in an instant. Then the horrible feeling, like losing your purse, but 1,000 times worse. I want to leave work and pick up my daughter right now, except she probably doesn’t know yet and I don’t want to ruin her day. She’ll find out soon enough.

We live in a city that’s violent. I’m not happy about it. I’m sure it doesn’t help my anxiety but I’d be paranoid anywhere really. Regardless, I think we’ve got a good life here. But you have to be vigilant so we’ve talked about guns with the Pumpkin (since kindergarten). What do you do when you see one. What do you do if someone comes into your school with one and they’re not a policeman. I hate that we have to have that conversation but we do, and continue to go over the emergency plan every so often.

Now is a very good time for every parent to check with their school about safety. Is there an armed officer on duty? Are the doors secure, protected from random entry? If not, maybe it’s time to request an upgrade in security. Being that our city is somewhat violent, our schools are generally prepared for the worst. Thankfully we haven’t had anything other than minor scuffles, kid-stuff.

Still, bullets don’t always hit their intended target. There are no fences that keep violent people out of our neighborhood. My daughter walks several blocks from her school to her after-school facility every day. There is no guarantee. So every single day, I am so thankful that I am reunited with my Pumpkin, safe and sound. This is devastating and my heart and prayers go out to those parents.



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