Pirate 101, or How to Be a Pirate in Your Spare Time

Every pirate needs a flag.Pirates have become very popular over the years but the Husband has always been fan. There are tons of sites devoted to, not only the history of piracy but also to those who love the lore and re-enact daring times on the wide seas.

A good place to start learning more about pirates are the non-fiction books and web sites about nautical history and famous captians in history.

Once you’ve read up on your history, you might want to go to some really neat places that feature pirates or participate in a pirate-themed event. Our favorite pirate place, so far, has been the Pirate Museum in Salem, Massachusettes. But there are many more places as well.

If you really do love pirates you will probably come to a point when you realize you want to be a little more actively engaged in your hobby. Rest easy, you are not alone. Pirate re-enactment is great fun. Many of the events listed above encourage costumed participation. The sites below should provide a little help as you bring your love of pirates to life. If you’re ready to commit, I suggest reproduction garments rather than Halloween costumes. The effect is much more elegant.

Finally, sometimes you want to bring a little pirate into your everyday life. There are all sort of things you can do without having to dress like Davy Jones everyday.


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