Things That Happened in 1832

18th Century Attire - Halloween 2007
Here we are the first Halloween in our house. Keep reading to see what our house has to do with this post!

I’ve been researching the year 1832 and discovered the following events of note:

  • Greece was recognized as a sovereign, independent nation.
  • Francois Arban, an early French balloonist, makes his first ascent.
  • Andrew Jackson is re-elected U.S. president.
  • The first curling club in the United States was organized at Orchard Lake, MI. (1831)
  • Charles Darwin travels around South America on the Beagle.

The following people were born:

  • Lewis Carroll, English author
  • Louisa May Alcott, American author

The following people died:

  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German writer
  • Charles Carroll, the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence

What I probably would listened to:

  • Richard Wagner
  • Felix Mendelssohn
  • Ludwig van Beethoven (died in 1827)
  • Franz Liszt
  • Franz Peter Schubert (died 1828)
  • Carl Maria Friedrich Ernst von Weber (died 1826)

Interesting ideas I probably would have been into:

  • Transcendentalism

I’d mention clothing but the 1830’s is probably my least favorite period for fashion (and you thought those big shoulders from the 1980’s were bad…).

And finally, as I found out today for certain, the following buildings and homes were built in 1832:

After a impromptu trip to City Hall, more about that later, thanks to the historical commission who has a file on our house, I got a relatively detailed history of the first few decades of our home and discovered it was built in 1832. So, a little removed from the 18th Century (sniff…) but still a very respectable old age. In 2032, if we’re still here, we can have a bicentennial party for our house!


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