Row House Improvements – Facade / Stoop / Garden

Welcome to the ongoing record of the things we’ve done to our 1832 Federal row house in Philadelphia. I have a horrible memory so this helps me keep track of when we do things.

This was how our house looked when we bought it, February 2007.

1832 row house

One of the first things we did was to paint. The red is the original door. The blue door is what we have currently as of Spring 2013. We also added metal house numbers.

1832 Federal Row House

Here is the entire front as it looks in February 2013.

1832 row house

A recessed fanlight is a wonderful place to hide little things, like our gargoyle. He’s been replaced with a larger one we put out for one Halloween but have left up since. We’ve seen other gargoyles as well as garden gnomes in other people’s fanlights.

1832 row house

Every year we like to do something different with our windowbox. This was from 2008.

row house window box garden

Spring is just around the corner and we’re looking forward to making some changes this year.

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