Row House Improvements – Kitchen

Welcome to the ongoing record of the things we’ve done to our 1832 Federal row house in Philadelphia. I have a horrible memory so this helps me keep track of when we do things.

This is how our kitchen looked when we bought our home in 2007.

1832 row house kitchen

It was really something else. I imagine a Mets fan would have been really happy. But alas, we didn’t really like it.

1832 row house kitchen

When we lived in Brooklyn, I swore I wouldn’t have another white kitchen. And, indeed, I bought paint that wasn’t white. However, in the end we ended up using white, because it worked with the blue counter and really opened the area. This is a basement kitchen, so we’re really lucky to have a window and sunlight.

1832 row house kitchen

It’s a very small kitchen, illustrated in this side-view picture of the kitchen. Both our stove and refrigerator are smaller than typical. Regardless, I have only wished for a larger kitchen a few times. Also in this picture you can see the trap door from the living room in the ceiling, which is barely 6 1/2 feet up.

1832 row house kitchen

In June 2012, our water heater broke. During the install, which required us to lift the tank over the sink and drag it up a flight of stairs to the living room and then out of the front door, the finished wall collapsed. Thankfully this is not a load bearing area and we’ll refinish the area when we get a chance this summer. Meanwhile I have hung a curtain to cover up the ugly.

Water heater replacement after photo.


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