Row House Improvements – Dining Room

Welcome to the ongoing record of the things we’ve done to our 1832 Federal row house in Philadelphia. I have a horrible memory so this helps me keep track of when we do things.

Our dining room is on the same floor as the kitchen, which is located in the basement. When you go down the stairs you’re situated in the middle of the house. To the right is the kitchen. To the left, is the dining room. The dining room is located in the original side of the house. This is how the dining room looked when we first bought our house.

1832 row house dining room

The rat stencil was done by the wife of a prominent Philadelphia mosaic artist. She ran a rat rescue and was friends with the previous owner. This is a working fireplace, originally used for cooking prior to the brick work.

1832 row house dining room

This is how our dining room looks as of February 2013. The window lets in a surprising amount of light when we don’t have tons of things on the sill. Originally, the window was a coal chute. To the right is our turtle’s tank, which is even larger now. Underneath is a Trofast storage unit from IKEA for the Pumpkin’s art supplies. We hid the garbage and kitty litter under the table with the red tablecloth.

1832 row house dining room

I would never have chosen red for a room color but we really liked it after living with it for a little while. It’s the only color we didn’t change. However, we picked a darker shade and although we like rodents, we decided to cover up the stenciling throughout the house.

1832 row house dining room


Fluer de lis dishes.


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