Row House Improvements – Master Bedroom

Welcome to the ongoing record of the things we’ve done to our 1832 Federal row house in Philadelphia. I have a horrible memory so this helps me keep track of when we do things.

This is the original paint of the master bedroom; a cantaloupe and meringue yellow medley with woodwork trimmed in indeterminate sage green. Nothing says good morning like cantaloupe! At first, our chests were under the slanted ceiling and we would hit our heads while getting dressed daily.

1832 row house bedroom

This is the other side. Above the bed is a skylight, which seems nice unless you like to sleep past sunrise. There is no linen closet in the house so we used an Expedit shelf from IKEA.

1832 row house bedroom

This is shortly after we painted in 2008. We chose a serene blue because we are not morning people and painted the ceilings the same white as we used throughout the house. We hung our former dining room chandelier here since there is the most clearance of anywhere in the house. The ceilings are too low everywhere else.

1832 row house bedroom

We moved the chests to the other side of the room and put the Expedit linen storage under the dormer. It’s a perfect fit, with a small bit of space for my sewing machine.

1832 row house bedroom

Here is Dante modeling our bed! The pitch of the ceiling is steep enough that we never hit our heads. Behind the bed is a bewildering amount of storage. All is nicely hidden, more or less, from view which is very important in a small house with few closets.

1832 row house bedroom

The original house ended where the brick does. You can still see where they hacked the back wall away. Obviously they never intended for this wall to be visible because exposed, it looks like something got hungry. We moved our chests, which just barely fit, to the half of the room with the high ceiling. We have plenty of room to get dressed.

1832 row house bedroom

An early photo from before we bought our wooden bed, this shows our full width sliding door. We have a small balcony and a tree in the backyard, which makes this room like sleeping in a tree house.

1832 row house bedroom

Our curtains feature a little bit of New York. One of these days I am going to finish them a little nicer.

1832 row house bedroom


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