Does Pinterest Make You Lazy?

pinterestNot too long ago, I blogged on a near daily basis. But now, I don’t. Maybe I had more going on in my life back then. Maybe I’m just worn out from working and being a mom and am too tired to put together coherent sentences at the end of the day. Maybe I have less to say having posted so much before. I just might have used up my resources.

But it’s not only writing. I haven’t worked on a creative project in months either. And my domestic projects are piling up too.

In particular, after 15 some odd years, I find that I could really use a new corset for under my 18th Century sacque gown. As my shape has changed, my current corset that I made when I was a great deal smaller, no longer provides as much support and I think it probably needs to.  I have all the materials and it’s not a terribly big project, so what gives? Why can’t I sit down and get to it? Two things come to mind.

One, Pinterest. I love it. However, it seems to suck up hours. After I pin 50 or corsets to my board ( ), I don’t really have the energy to actually make the corset, or fix up the house, or whatever else I pinned.

Two, I’ve noticed that when bombarded with 100’s of beautiful images of perfection, I become paralyzingly afraid to embark on any project lest it be woefully inadequate and lame. When I started making costumes, I knew hardly anyone else who did and therefore felt pretty proud of my accomplishments. Now, I am mediocre at best, which makes me wonder if it’s even worth it.


Nah. It’s totally worth it. So I need to get crackin’. I’m going to try something new. There will be a post.

In other creative news, I recently helped out with the Pumpkin’s school production of The Wizard of Oz. I helped alter a few costumes and got to use a dress form. Let me tell you. There is nothing like working with one. It’s amazing. I simply must figure out how to get one, or borrow one. I bet I would have no trouble getting my dirndl bodice to fit if I had one. Corset? Sacque? No problem!


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