Happy Summer Solstice!

Antique chest of drawers, mid 19th Century.
Antique chest of drawers, mid 19th Century. We missed this one. Hopefully we’ll get to the store in time for attempt number 2.

I heard there was going to be ice cream. The ice cream has not happened. I must speak to management about this…

I have always thought that the year should be based on the seasons. Spring is a good time to start the year; when the trees are blooming and everything is waking up. Maybe April 1st, right after the equinox. This would be much better than January, when it’s cold and dark and feels like the end. Winter is when things should be winding down. Anyway, not much can be done about that.

Today, as everyone knows, is the first day of summer. And it’s a beautiful day in Philadelphia. It is very hard to be inside, especially since I could work outside in the park across the street. There are chairs, and umbrellas, and tropical chai lattes. The only good thing about being inside is that today was proposal delivery day and I love getting proposals. It’s like Christmas!

Frank is starting his holiday week off from work after today. He’ll be spending lots of time with the Pumpkin. She’s requested a few daddy-daughter projects like building a model and activities like going to the swimming pool. We’ll save the girly things like picnicing in the park for our mommy-daughter week but who knows; Frank does a good picnic.

I found the perfect chest of drawers/secretary desk for a great price at our local second-hand furniture store yesterday. The Pumpkin loves it. I love it. It’s the perfect way to get a chest of drawers and a desk into her room. Frank said we had to wait and go home to measure her stuff to make sure it would fit. Plus, we have to do the 24 hour waiting thing to make sure we really love it. I’ve already identified what will go out. So today, we’re all set. I really, really hope that no one’s noticed it and it’s still there. We have a plan B but it isn’t as nice.

There’s only one thing about the chest/secretary we don’t like. It’s been painted and has a shabby chic sort of tropical thing going on. No one’s crazy about that. So, it looks like refinishing the piece will be a project for the husband and Pumpkin this week. Looking for ideas, I headed to Pinterest because that’s what you do these days. I found some super ideas, one of which the Pumpkin is really excited about. There will be before and after pictures as well as details about how we accomplished said project.

I’d also like to finish up the bee corset this weekend. Not too much more to do other than finish the channels, bone, and punch the eyelets. Yup, more fun with inaccuracy as I use metal grommets and not sewn eyelets but I can’t possibly sew all those by hand. I’ll go mad.

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