What to Do With Old Sheets?

The sheets came from here.
The sheets came from here.

Last week, I was folding a particular sheet set and noticed that it’s time had probably come. Quite a few tears. Looking a little blah. However, it’s not a total loss cause. The top sheet looks OK. It’s really only the fitted sheet that’s shabby. Hmm…

I have a hard time throwing out fabric. Many, many years ago, I had some lovely fabric and for some reason, probably because I hadn’t really started to sew yet and I didn’t know if I would, I got rid of it. I still regret that and now I don’t like to part with any fabric that might have some use left.

If we had a normal house and I had a sewing room, I would have no issue with keeping the fabric until the cows come home, if we had cows too. However, in the urban cottage (sans cows), I can’t have piles of fabric lying around. So what to do with it?

Ideas for Old Sheets

I woke up this morning and decided to get some ideas. I’ve been on Pinterest and the interwebs for about 30 minutes now and have discovered the following options. Not that these are the only things you can do with a sheet, which is fabric and therefore can be used for just about anything, but rather, these are the plausible things I might do with my old sheets.

My sheets are pretty old and have seen a long and useful tour of duty. As such, they aren’t really appropriate for turning into a dress I’d wear in public (#1 thing you can do with an old sheet) although I like a nice sundress to wear around the house and maybe down to the corner store or laundromat in a pinch. It’s Philly and you should see what people wear out of their homes.

I digress.. Back to the sheets.

The sheets aren’t particularly aesthetically pleasing enough to turn into curtains (#2 thing you can do with an old sheet). I thought about making a rag rug (#3 thing you can do with old sheets) but I don’t think I have enough material. Even if I waited for more sheets to fall apart, my sheets don’t remotely coordinate enough for a rug. I totally have textile ADD. If I have any multiple personalities lurking under the surface, I am certain they manifest themselves in my bed linen choices.

Anyway, one idea that sounds good is to use them for dress lining  (#4 thing you can do with old sheets) which is very possible for my next 18th Century dress. The other is to use them to make a dirndl bodice pattern that really fits well since I just can’t get it to be perfect yet and I need scrap fabric to muck-around with.

As of now, I’m really not sure what’s going to become of my former sheets. Meanwhile, below is a list of options:


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