Keeping Them Alive

There is so much I want to write about the recent Trayvon Martin case but it’s a tricky topic.

Instead, I thought I would do some research about how we can keep our teenagers alive. Everyone’s quite shaken up that an adult person can kill a teenage person just for walking home from the store in the evening. You ask, what if that was my kid? But chances are, it won’t be.

According to World Life Expectancy and the CDC Official Final Deaths 2010 report, your teenager, aged 15 – 24, is much more likely to be killed in a car accident (7,111). Surprisingly enough, no one is making it any harder for people to get their driver’s licenses. You know who has the right idea? Finland. You have to practically be a rally driver to get your license there. Anyway, reviewing the rules of road safety with your teenager can help them avoid the biggest threat. Need something to get their attention? Try this PSA video from the U.K. We showed it to the Pumpkin who was horrified and says she’ll never text and drive. In fact, when we see people on their phones while driving during our walk home, she growls.

With 4,678 every year, the next cause of deaths of teenagers is homicide. Whats really amazing about this is 4,067 of those are male. In fact, the 15 – 24 age group is the number one group for death by homicide. However, in general, homicide rates are higher in the southern states and Alaska. So what do you do? Are teenagers targets?

Well, we told the Pumpkin that in general, to avoid violence, you need to make sure you’re associating with non-violent people. Get involved in a gang and you’re chances of getting killed escalate. In Philadelphia, the leading known cause of homicides are arguments, much being gang related. Walking away from a confrontation is usually a good idea.

Beyond that we can really only hope for the best. There is no telling when a person will just have too much and snap.


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