Out & About with the Pumpkin: University of the Arts

The University of the Arts - July 18, 2013
Art, Play, and the Environment + the Pumpkin.

Today is nearing the end of the second week of summer camp for the Pumpkin and our daily walks home. This summer we signed her up for a program near my office which means we get a nice mommy daughter commute, except maybe in this heat it’s not quite so nice.

Summer is just whizzing by so I thought it would be nice to capture a few moments. Plus, I realize that Pinterest has made me the laziest blogger ever so enough of that.

I proposed the question to the Pumpkin who thought it was a great idea and she proceeded to find a good photo op.

Today’s route, and we never take the same way home twice, took us by the “Art, Play, and the Environment,” installation at the University of the Arts. The interlocking panels remind me of a building toy from my childhood that I can’t recall the name of at the moment.

In any case, the motivation was to provoke the creativity of some art students by giving them big toys. The result is this sculpture on which the Pumpkin sat for a few seconds. Thankfully it was sturdy.

Another fun thing we’ve been doing is choosing one store to visit on the way home. Yesterday, I got dragged into a pop-up store featuring the band One Direction. That wasn’t my idea. Today we went to the flagship Anthropologie store which was much better.

I absolutely love Anthropologie. If I had more money and was a size 4, I would totally have an entire casual wardrobe from there. I love the house items as well. And the books. And we smelled some amazing perfumes. Somewhere inside myself there is a much more sedate version of myself and that self really loves the entire place. I wonder… If I bought just a few things, maybe that self would manifest itself as the dominant self. Anyway, it’s also just a beautiful store to shop in. Formerly a row-mansion, it still has lots of nifty architectural characteristics. And all the sales people are welcoming without being scary aggressive or snooty.


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