Out & About with the Pumpkin: Otters

Otters at Jefferson University.On today’s trip home, the Pumpkin chose to pose by the otter fountain on the Thomas Jefferson University campus.  This has long been one of her favorite spots in the city. Indeed, the entire plaza is one of the more pleasant public spaces in the city.

From the Jefferson website:

“Otters” by Henry Mitchell (1979), in memory of William Bodine, Jr. This famous fountain will return as one of Philadelphia’s most prominent installations. Part of the Center City East Tour of Philadelphia Public Art, and a favorite with families in the community, the inscription reads, “With Gratitude to William W. Bodine Jr. Leader, builder and friend of Thomas Jefferson University.”

Today’s store was Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters is the younger, presumably more hip, sibling store of Anthropologie that caters to college students with ample discretionary budgets. Still, it’s a pretty cool store although it doesn’t quite evoke the same calm as Anthropologie. I really hope that it isn’t indicative of onset oldness coming on but they were playing very loud punk-like music instead of dreamy folky music. Oh crap – did I just write that? No, no, no… Loud music is good. We like LOUD!

Anyway, talk about marketing retail space engineering. Every little detail worked out. Bravo.

While we were there, this lovely black dress caught my eye. And, they were having a killer sale on really gorgeous unmentionables that I’m sorry I couldn’t take advantage of. The Pumpkin’s favorite thing? These hysterical cat hangers!


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