Out & About with the Pumpkin: Fossil Statue

Nautilus statue.Today our photo is with a fossil statue. Last week, the Pumpkin got to dig for fossils in Big Brook New Jersey. She came home will all sorts of things including shark teeth. One of our mommy-daughter projects in August will be to create specimen jars for display.  I think, to get inspiration, we’ll pay the Mütter Museum a visit.

So far, camp has been a huge success. She’s having a wonderful time and is learning all sorts of things. She started the summer hating science and now she can’t get enough. I wish a more active and hands-on approach was part of her regular school curriculum. Because of her hyperactivity, it would be much more beneficial that the traditional desk method.

We’ve also made great progress with journaling and reading this weekend after a rather rough start this summer. In general, we’re working on life skills like prioritizing and organizing. Setting a good example is essential, which means I have to really be on top of things myself. I must read, write (hence the increase in blogging), and tidy and no procrastination and being lazy.

Other things we’re trying out. Music while reading and writing. I read an article recently that said music can actually help with focus. So far it’s working well with reading. We’ll see with writing. The other thing I’d like to try out is a yoga ball. Apparently the balancing keeps the body occupied so the brain can focus. I think I might try an experience involving math for that.



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