Out & About With the Pumpkin: A Curious Statue

Mister 1801

It’s been a very hectic week during which both the husband and I have contracted some sort of seasonal ick. Fortunately DayQuil is doing the job and I’m semi functional. Regardless of how I feel, the Pumpkin and I are still having our walk home because fresh air is good for you, especially when you’re sick.

The other day, we came across this charming fellow named Mister 1801 who apparently has a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Mister1801). In fact, you can friend him and suggest outfits. What fun! And why not? Our car Ziggy has a Facebook page too, although we don’t dress him up.

According to the Facebook page, the owner says the following:

“The Borghese ‘Gladiator’, alias Mister 1801, is a replica of Le Louvre’s masterpiece, with the addition of a modesty leaf. He belonged to our Grandmother, and for years was perched in her foyer, where she used him to hold her car keys, dry cleaning, etc., by the front door. When she passed, we happily inherited him, and brought him to our (new) home in Philadelphia. We dressed him up once or twice for fun, but with all the positive feedback, our family’s imagination has been fanned, and we continue to decorate him, sporadically.”

For now, Mister 1801 is dressed like a baby to commemorate the birth of the new English prince.

I think it’s a wonderful idea. You obviously put work into your windows and for who? Well, the people passing by. So why not ask what they’d like? Mister 1801 has 240+ likes so they must be onto something.

The Pumpkin did her best to strike a pose resembling the statue.


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