Out & About with the Pumpkin: First Friday

First Friday - Old City PhiladelphiaOn the first Friday of every month, the shops and art galleries of Old City Philadelphia open their doors to the public and stay open late. Typically there are discounts and free cups of wine. Over the past year, an antique flea market has erupted, along with numerous musicians and local artisans, handcrafts, art, and whatnot.

The Pumpkin and I enjoy walking around and checking everything out and unless the weather is bad, we’re typically wandering about for several hours.

She was quite busy looking and talking to everyone so this photo doesn’t have her in it but I really liked these sculptures we found in a second hand art and book store. There was also a really awesome large scale drawing of the waterfront that would be awesome in our living room. Alas, no budget these days for art but one day, when we’re done with summer camp and we finally fix all the serious things, I will look forward to being able to get art and interesting furniture that didn’t originate from a box.

When we lived in Brooklyn, we lived near Atlantic Avenue, which is full of antique shops, traditionally, but by the time we left more and more boutiques had opened from the BQE all the way down to Atlantic Terminal. We recently visited and the variety of really cool stores is really mind boggling. Anyway, in Brooklyn, you typically can only window shop because everything is so ridiculously expensive. In Philly, not so much, which is nice, and often we have the exact same stuff.

Other interesting things we saw include some very large, very beautiful wood doors at the Center for Art in Wood gallery as well as a life-sized wooden sheep.

Plenty of lovely things at Never Too Spoiled. Last year, I got the most wonderful set of skirt/leggings from there. This time, they have lovely pillows and really awesome jewelry, soap, decor, etc. I believe the overall vibe is French flea market.

I also saw plenty of lovely semi-formal dresses that would be perfect for an upcoming wedding. Alas, no can do. I’m riding the bridesmaid dress search train of adventure (blog post to come shortly) for that.


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