The Long and Short of It (my hair)

Aside from a brief time in college, I have always had short hair. Even though I regularly got mistaken for a boy as a young girl, I have always preferred short hair. Even throughout those Dorthy Hamill and Lady Di wannabe years, I have still preferred short hair.

You would think with such a love of history, that I would want long, historically appropriate hair, but no. The feeling of hair on my neck drives me insane and I rarely make it for long without asking my stylist to “hack it off” post-haste. Having a husband who isn’t crazy about long hair either makes it easy for me to routinely snip a good deal of hair off without second thought or much regret.

I just picked up a High-Fashion-Magazine with an interesting article on how these days, there is no standard measure of beauty. We’ve got models with long and short hair, gappy or perfect teeth, large or small noses, thin or thick lips; symmetrical features or not, exotic or typical; really anything relatively thin goes these days. That’s still the requirement, as has always been. They’re human hangers really.

Anyway, it’s a good time to be a woman. So many options leave little room for someone to say, “Hey, that’s not OK,” or “You’re not pretty,” because there’s room enough for everyone and I’m particularly happy about the short hair thing.

Recently, I got what is probably the shortest haircut I’ve ever gotten. I love how neat and tidy it is. I don’t even have to comb it, or dry it, for that matter. I woke up this morning in front of 50 strangers and didn’t have to worry about bed-head. It’s totally sleep and wash proof. The only drawback is that one has to be really ladylike to compensate for what essentially is a man’s haircut so I’m channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn.

I’m also not married to any particular hair color and having short hair makes it really easy to change it often. Right now my hair is orange, probably one of my favorite shades ever! When I get bored, back to blonde it will go, or maybe dark brown. Doesn’t matter. By the time I get sick of it, it’s grown out.

Of course, what is short hair but a permanent up-do anyway and I’m very thankful for the extra minutes in my morning routine.


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