The Vermeer Project: Comparative Photos

I will very likely revisit this post later on with better photos but I wanted to get at least this one on the blog as a start.

Vermeer 17th Century Jacket

There is a reason I very rarely post photos of myself on this blog. And now you know why. After two marathon days of sewing, I’m pretty sure I didn’t even brush my teeth on this day. That’s both the upside, and downside of that infamous hyper-focusing trait.

I do believe I could have started the black trim up higher. I also think the jacket is shorter in the waist. However, I can guarantee I’m bigger than the model in the painting. I may also alter the sleeves slightly so they don’t constantly slip off my shoulders.

Now that I’m finished, I would like to take photos in similar settings as the paintings. Since we don’t have anything from the 17th Century handy around Philly, I may have to get creative.



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