September’s High Fashion Magazine Review

The other day I needed cash for my haircut so I bought a high fashion magazine to get cash back. Somehow, I have gone from getting two high fashion magazines monthly to not getting any. Can’t say that I feel particularly at a loss, I mean, I’m not fashionable and Pinterest is awesome, without the ads. I do miss the movie and book reviews though, but that is another story.

Out of the 300+ pages, I picked out a small handful of things of note. Much leaves me wishing I had access to the designed fabrics because it’s not the design of the garments that I love and I could replicate quite a bit, but some of those fabrics are impossible to get.

One such dress, which I do think I may be able to do something about, is a dress that looks like it’s made out of scarves. In the magazine it looks pretty good. On models it sort of hangs. But I think, if I made such a thing, I would utilize an inside support lining to give it a little more structure. The trick is to find four or five matching scarves, big enough to make a dress with.

Here is something cute, in my budget. Miracle of miracles! This Tommy Hilfiger dress, $90 at Macy’s, is really super cute. It has books on it! The only problem is that the shirt-dress design is sort of blah. I would rather like something more retro. Which brings me once again to the fact that it all depends on the fabric, which is often not available to normal people.

There are always a few ads which are artistically interesting. The Valentino ad caught my attention because it has a sort of moody baroque quality – the lighting, the black background, the black clothing with white accents.\

Bottega Veneta always freaks me out. Not sure what it is but I’m put off. However, this month there is a lovely mustard sweater dress that makes me think I need such a dress too. It’s a good Vermeer color. I bet I can find one for much cheaper than whatever that one is going for.

Heeled oxfords; you know I love them. I have a pair that’s holding up well but I’m not sure for how long. The only reason I care that they’re in style right now is because I might be able to find a replacement somewhere. The only drawback of being anti-fashionable is that when you want something, it’s not available to buy.

I should make a separate series about the interesting places cross-stitch pops up. This time, it’s on a pair of Guess Jeans. I’m not surprised that the cute, graphical, images keep popping up. You can do a lot with it.

Dolce & Gabbana, once again, really hits the mark. Nearly everyone had their favorite designers. It takes me a while to pick one, mostly because not too many go with my anti-fashionability but here is a lovely fall line with respectable hem lengths and lace, Very lady-like. The ads always look like events I might like to attend, in nice Italian places with lovely architecture. Anyway, it seems like they’re always doing things I really nice.

I don’t like to like Ralph Lauren but of all high fashion designers, his are the only things I actually have – thank you Century 21. On the one hand, Ralph Lauren represents all those upper class, exclusionary things that make me nauseous – country clubs, polo, yachts, etc. But ever since Downton Abby, the clothes have been retro, tweed chic and now I like them.

Aside from a nice Louis Vuitton bag, that’s about it. The world of fashion is an odd place. It’s completely self-created and serves no actual purpose. I mean as long as your covered does it really matter what the covering looks like? Fashion is completely unnecessary and yet it’s also essential. I mean who doesn’t consider what they look at when they leave the house?


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