He Is Mine and I Shall Call Him Squishy

octopi amigurumiGreeting from the land of the octopi. I posted a photo of my new octopi amigurumi to Facebook and they got the best reception and several people want one so I am crocheting lots of octopi.

The nice thing about amigurumi is that they really don’t use up a lot of yarn or time. Given a few days off, I could probably create an army of octopi, or maybe a navy, since they are aquatic. Another nice thing about amigurumi is, since they don’t use a lot of yarn, you can make them out of really nice, fancy expensive yarn that you normally wouldn’t use for an afgan, for example, because it would be way too expensive. I got three new lovely skeins that I’ll create lots of octopi out of. I figure I can sell the extras, although it’s hard because they’re very cute.

Woman cannot live on octopi alone so as soon as I get through this group, I’m going to try another animal and see how it goes. I think I might try a turtle next.


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