Cloud Atlas: A Review

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell.
Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell – cover image from Amazon.

What is probably a year ago now, I saw this incredible five-minute trailer ( for a movie based on David Mitchell’s novel Cloud Atlas. 

I was so intrigued by the story that I decided to read the book immediately. It’s taken almost a year for the book to show up at our local library but it was very well worth the wait.

In the most basic reduction, the story is about reincarnation of the soul and how souls find each other generation after generation. The story evolves through several plot lines which are so varied in style that they could be completely different books, written by completely different people.

Now, watching the trailer again, it’s even better. The film makers seem to have gotten the idea spot on. I really, really look forward to seeing the movie, which is somewhat unusual. Typically the movie pales to the book, except, maybe, Like Water for Chocolate.

I won’t bother with a plot synopsis, when you can just read about it here. For me, reading this book was an adventure in the best sense. I tried to take my time so it would last longer.

I really wish I had more time to read but alas, too much on the plate.


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