Public Art Is Wonderful


Would I prefer to see a work of art instead of an advertisement on a billboard? Absolutely!

You know why people tune out ads? Because they swindle us. Ads don’t say, hey, here is this nifty thing/service we’re describing honestly, that you might need one day. They should, but instead they make us feel less than we are and trick us into needing something we don’t. After a few times, what do they say? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me? Guess what? People are tired of being taken advantage of. We literally can’t afford advertising nonsense any more. It’s bankrupted the wallets and souls of Americans.

So, when I read about Art Everywhere on my favorite website, Fast Company, I thought – horray! Replace every darn billboard advertisement with art. We can’t all get to a museum as often as we want and many can’t afford nice art for their homes so this is an excellent way to share beauty.

Here in Philly, we have the Mural Arts Program that has been producing public works of art for more than 30 years. Beyond just enabling artists to create works of art the public can enjoy, they have programs that use art to enrich the community (psychylustro recently encouraged people to use public transportation, as well as supported the youth offender re-entry work program which decreases the chances that participants will go back to jail).


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