Antique Fleas, Hula Hoops, Ballet, and a Family Visit

I am a little overdue for my awesome family visit post but here it is, along with a photo I took that doesn’t suck and I always like to share those since they are rare.

Mom and Dad always come down to see the Pumpkin’s ballet recital. It will likely be the last so it was a good thing they did come. In related news, ballet just isn’t up-tempo enough for the Pumpkin so we’re looking into other dance forms. Thankfully there is a small studio around the corner from us that has a variety of classes. She’ll get to try out Jazz, Tap, and Hip-Hop. I made a deal with her; she can quit ballet but not choir. Incidentally, after a year of choir an ability to play piano by ear and pick out melodies has appeared out of nowhere and she sits down just about every day to meddle with the keyboard. Perhaps… but I dare not think about that now.

I’m officially training for the Philly half marathon which means long runs every weekend. The Pumpkin has been joining me on her bike, which is working out well for both of us. However, I did a solo run that Saturday and discovered that there was an antique flea market happening, which we explored altogether when the fam arrived later. Hands down, Philly has the best antique flea markets ever.

Philadelphia Antique Flea Market


Philadelphia Antique Flea Market


Philadelphia Antique Flea Market



Philadelphia Antique Flea Market

I continued on to discover a very snazzy camping store on South Street. Next time we’re on that side of town we’ll check it out. I particularly like the way the photo came out with the row house storefronts reflected in the window; juxtaposition of city and country.

Camping store in Philadelphia.

And, my longest run to date, I made it to the viking! This is always a nice milestone during training season since anything over seven-and-a-half miles is more than half way.


Since, I’ve run all the way to East Falls, which I’ve never done before. It’s absolutely beautiful and feels like you’ve left the city. If I made a round trip of it, it would be more than a half marathon. However, Frank and the Pumpkin met me and we had a lovely brunch right on the river.

Schulykill River

Now, I get to the hula hoops. Apparently, the Pumpkin is really talented with a hula hoop. Who knew? Mom and I thought, hey, if she can do it, and I know I used to be able to do it… well, I’ll just say that hula hooping is not easy. Amusing, yes. At one point my mom tried to hula around her neck and I just about peed my pants. But, easy, no.

Thoroughly thwarted, I was about to enlist a physicist for help when a neighbor brought over her hula hoop for grown-ups and voila! Hooping success. Apparently you need a heavier hoop as you get older. Judging by how sore I was the next day, I would say it’s a great workout. We had such a good time, we’ve picked up a few more hoops.

We ended the weekend with a crock-pot al fresco dinner and the parents didn’t even get terrible traffic heading back. A completely lovely weekend on all accounts.

In general, I am alarmed at how fast time is passing; June already! But this summer is proving to be quite enjoyable. Much welcomed after the rough winter.


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