Why (how) I Unplugged During My Vacation

In short, I didn’t have access to the internet on a computer and I can’t stand typing anything longer than a sentence on my phone. I must have made a hundred mental notes about things I wanted to respond to when I got back to a computer but since I also didn’t have any post-it notes handy, I’ve completely forgot. I did manage to capture some goodness on my phone which made it to Facebook.

I feel like one post isn’t really long enough to cover the time off but here are some highlights:

We ventured to Connecticut to visit Frank’s sister’s family for his nephew’s high school graduation. They live in the country so it’s like camping, with plumbing and great food. They’re great people and visiting is always a really wonderful time. The Pumpkin can practically become woods girl / raised by wolves and spend the entire day running around barefoot and getting really dirty. And I don’t say no up there (within reason). It’s a rule.

After a few days in Philly, we headed to Florida to visit my grandmother / great aunt. I don’t really care for Florida, especially in the summer, but I love my grandmother and really was overdue for a visit. The idea was to visit and not do anything, except that we’re hyperactive so we did actually do a few things.

Frank has a passion for driving which, I do believe the Pumpkin has inherited. Here she is driving an adult-sized go-kart for the first time.

Go Karting - Florida June/July 2014

We were slightly apprehensive about the pool. We don’t have one and the Pumpkin’s exposure to the water hasn’t been terribly frequent. Thankfully, she has mastered the ability not to drown and had no problem jumping from the diving board and making it to the side safely.

Swimming - Florida June/July 2014

Our visit to Tarpon Springs needed a separate post.

Next, there was fun with accordions with the Oma. The Pumpkin seemed to get the knack right away despite being stuck in a minor key. I was I had gotten a picture of myself while carrying the accordion through the airport, wearing a large hat and dirndl. Sound of Music anyone?

Accordions with Omi - Florida June / July 2014

Every time that Frank and I have gone to Florida, including on our honeymoon, we’ve visited The Castle. It’s not medieval times but rather a Goth/Industrial club. I could have packed something more exciting to wear but it’s too hot and I packed my running gear, which I used once, because it’s too hot for that too.

The Castle - June / July 2014

There were some shenanigans involving a liquor from Austria that tasted like distilled dandelions, trying on my grandmother’s tracht (dirndlen etc.), and a harmonica. The harmonica also followed us home and we now have enough instruments to start a polka-band.

Harmonica - Florida June / July 2014

There was a nice nature walk in the nearby Chestnut Park during which we ran into the friendliest squirrel ever. Initially we were warned about rabid zombie squirrels but in the end we didn’t have to fear for our lives, only for the blueberries we brought along to feed them. We also visited the Clearwater Aquarium, where we met Winter, a very special dolphin.

Squirrel - Florida June / July 2014

Did you know that Ferrari makes a hatchback? Apparently it’s new. Frank was very happy to visit this and all the other Ferraris at the local dealership.

Ferrari FF

I always forget to take more photos but we had a really wonderful time. In many ways, I feel like the internet has taken over my life. But, when I’m not on it regularly, I tend to forget. Maybe blogging during vacation is not so bad?


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