Dirndl Machen Summer 2014

Guten Tag!!

After last year’s Vermeer Project, I wanted to continue with simpler sewing projects this summer and thought it would be nice to make another dirndl for both the Pumpkin and I since we wear them constantly. Already, I’ve made these – the Brooklyn dirndl and the Beer Stein dirndl.




While we were in Florida, I made two more along with aprons. First, I got all the fabric cut out. I never think things are going to take as long as they do but aprons, of all things, seem to take a ridiculously long time to work up. I also think I need to make them a little wider. Sewing is always a learning process!

Fabric used in a dirndl dress.

I finally got a good shade for the Brooklyn dirndl apron, which is the gold color. Previously I had chosen a Swiss Dot but that didn’t work in the slightest.

For the two new dresses, the Pumpkin decided on the tea pot fabric after all and I picked a beautiful purple on black floral. The bright pink in the foreground (photo above) is the Pumpkin’s apron fabric. It sparkles! And I got a coordinating purple gingham for mine. Here is a close-up of the tea pots. So super cute!

The cutest tea pot fabric ever!

Alas, I ran out of time before I could sew on the zippers and didn’t finish until we got back to Philadelphia, so no photos quite yet. Stay tuned because I believe we will wear them to a local viewing of the big soccer match on Sunday.

Meanwhile, this mini-dirndl I made for the Pumpkin’s beloved Funky Monkey will have to do.

Monkey in a dirndl.



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