So I Got Into Graduate School

It took three years to complete my application. Three years to get from almost applying and thinking about applying and regretting not applying yet to finally, actually applying. And, when I got accepted I didn’t quite believe it.

Then the panic set in. It reminded me of when you’re going on a roller coaster ride and the safety harness locks in and you know you can’t escape. What if it was all a mistake? What if the program is wrong? What if I can’t make it?

The program suggests two classes a quarter but I will opt for one at a time, which is OK. Perhaps I will do two during the summer when the Pumpkin doesn’t have school because she still needs a lot of help during the school year.

And, now the first class is almost over. Like a half marathon, I believe there are 13 classes, so one down, 12 more to go, and things are going very well. I seem to have a knack for project management and hold my own among the more seasoned project managers in my class. And, project management has only become more clear to me via the class work and lectures. It is not a question of if it’s important but how I can utilize it to further my career. It is so logically useful that there is no way learning it more thoroughly can’t help me.

And it feels good. I feel confident and capable again.

Studying in the local coffee shop.


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