A Very Quiet Thanksgiving

After much thought, we decided we should stay home for Thanksgiving. We normally travel to Connecticut and New York to visit family but this year, with a grad school project lurking, I thought I should stay home and get the work done. Although I missed visiting family and friends, we did make the most of our time at home.

Thanksgiving 2014

Instead of fighting with a turkey, we had a lovely brisket made in the crock pot, which just about cooks itself. We made beer bread which made the entire house smell awesome. We made sweet potatoes that are just like the ones at Boston Market I like so much. And there were Brussles Sprouts with bacon, because that is the only way I’ll eat them. It was very tasty.

Friday, we walked around the city a bit and did some Christmas shopping at local stores. The Christmas Village is already open. And later, Christmas decorations!

Christmas Gargoyle

This came out better than we anticipated.


The usual mantle. While we were putting together our mantle decorations, we discovered that Humphrey has been attacked by beetles and his fur is falling out. I hope we’ve caught the damage in time but otherwise, we may have a casualty on our hands. It turned an otherwise happy day upside down. The good news is that it looks like it is an isolated incident and if we can kill the bugs, we might salvage him. And, if not, there is no reason we can’t get another one but we are going to try very hard to save him. I’ve made friends with a wonderful taxidermist (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Barattas-Taxidermy/840222949335872) who was very informative. We know what happened and how to avoid issues in the future.


Today, we had to go food shopping because it’s Saturday. On the bright side, I got the rest of the holiday shopping done while the Pumpkin tried on some pants. She is either growing out of or destroying things left and right. I can’t keep up. Anyway, she needed new pants, which is fine because it just means her birthday came a little sooner. I haven’t done a traditional surprise birthday for her in years. She always gets things early. And we’re always together so I can’t surprise her, ever. And there is no place to hid things in the house. She isn’t remotely upset about it. Anyway, I finished the next stage of my grad school project after dinner and now am enjoying some nice catching up with the blog.

While I’ve been working away, she made a remarkably well put together gingerbread house, pretty much by herself. It’s funny. She wants to do more on her own, and now, with me in school, she has to. However, when the time comes, she wants help or doesn’t want to be alone, even though I am less than 20 feet away. She was really quite proud of herself and I was very impressed that she did so well. Normally projects done sans-meds look like a hot mess because she rushes. However, the little house looks like she actually took her time and thought about decorating instead of slapping it together in haste and that’s a really big deal. Bravo to the Pumpkin!

Sometime during the weekend, I dyed my hair red again. There will be a shock at work on Monday as it’s really red and it’s getting longer. Very festive though.

During these lulls in writing, there are always so many things I think about writing about but I don’t write them down and alas, I am too tired to remember. Anyway, tomorrow is getting the last of the weekly chores done and taking care of my jackalope and maybe Christmas cards, oh and paying bills. I think I need a to-do list.


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