Happy New Year! 2015

Because it's not the New Year in Philly without a Mummer.
Because it’s not the New Year in Philly without a Mummer.

I always like dates that are even in a mathematical way. I don’t like those prime numbers that don’t play well with others. Or irrational numbers. And this is a sequence, like 20, 15, 20, 10 – see? 2015. Nice. And, 15 is divisible by five, so I will bring in the new year with five things.

Graduate school is going well. I love it! I got an “A” in my first class so it’s good motivation to continue. It was an introductory class and I found myself wishing we had more time to discuss the processes in depth. However, that’s not the point of an introductory class. From now on, we will get to discuss things in more detail. My current class is about quality. Quality is important. Seriously, it should be part of everything you do. When you find yourself slipping up on quality, it’s time to get help. Which brings me to…

I’m giving up the fight. Or, at least I’m exploring options. I’ve got an appointment for a neurologist so I can be formally diagnosed with ADHD. The psychiatrist who diagnosed the Pumpkin said he was certain of it, but now I’ll have an additional specialist validating the opinion. Second opinions are good. Not that I have any doubt but I have to be thoroughly checked out to start exploring medication. It could be that continuing as is, is the right approach but in case it’s not, and I could be a better me, than why not?

As we speak, I am researching instructions for repointing/tuckpointing our basement wall. It is ridiculous that we can’t get one little wall fixed up. If it was as easy as schleping to Home Depot and shoving some cement in there, we would have done it ages ago. But I need a special lime-mortar recipe that’s a little illusive. Thankfully, the National Parks Service has some great guides. And, we are going to get our HVAC system working. Our lack of home improvement is disturbing and sad. But, I am intimidated and that makes it very hard to get started. I’m hoping ironing out the ADHD will help get the ball rolling on this as well.

Just keep swimming. It’s going to be a very, very, very busy year but I can do it. I hope.

Five: The Review
I can’t complain about last year, really. I got into graduate school, which was a major step towards a life-goal. It only took three years to finish applying, which is why I’m going to see the neurologist (see number two). The Pumpkin is making great progress with her behavior as well. We have longer and longer periods of good/productive behavior and her willingness to work on things is improving. I’m hoping by addressing my own issues, we can meet half way. I’m sure being a cranky mommy isn’t helping.

So, last year was pretty OK. Let’s see, a review of what I intended to do:

  • Make mommy-daughter sacque dresses. Nope, because the Pumpkin doesn’t like getting dressed up any more. I mean, not so where we can plan and construct an outfit ahead of time. And with school, it’s hard to sew. Meanwhile, I am making lots of dirndls.
  • Re-point our kitchen wall. Lol, see number three. I am closer though, as I’ve gotten the recipe so that’s something. Hopefully there will be meds that will help. It’s not that I’m lazy, quite the contrary; I’m always busy. However, I have trouble with being busy with the right things. Those things that make a really contribution to the welfare and well-being of myself and our family. And I seem to get stuck between wanting to do everything and nothing, at the same time, so constantly stuck and the house never gets fixed up.
  • Go camping again. You know, if we had continued squeezing into our two-person tent, I’m sure we would have gone camping lots of times. But, with us, once we invest in the proper equipment, forget about it. We love camping and we should go at least a few times.
  • Go to the PA Ren Faire again. Again, see how I made a Vermeer dress? See how we are now not going to the Ren Faire? See? That’s exactly it. Annoying. My appointment with the neurologist can’t come soon enough.
  • Run another half marathon. This I did! And I screwed up my training schedule three weeks before the race and injured myself. Because why? Because that’s what I do. Excellent until the end and then it all falls apart. So annoying. I’ve tried to pick up running again but my leg still hurts, which works out well in this cold, as I am not inclined to get myself to the gym when it’s -10 degrees and dark outside anyway. The leg is enjoying the nice recovery time and there will be another half marathon this year. I’d like to finish injury-free. Third time’s a charm, as they say.
  • Grow the Tweed Ride planning committee. I did recruit new planners, which is nice. We had new sponsors as well and I am trying to put together some nice ways to feature them during the off time. Should have sent out Thank Yous last month. Argh… And with school, this is very hard to continue doing.
  • Establish a crafting brunch group. Nope and it bothers me immensely how little I see my friends. It sucks really. I was a social person at one point but now I can’t even invite people over to dinner successfully. I have plenty of ideas but never get to the invite phase. It’s just depressing.

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