ADHD versus Vyvanse – Week One

A very little snowman.
We’re getting a lot of snow tonight.

I have been paying special attention to side effects and so far, I don’t believe anything horrible is happening. Several people who take Vyvanse report rapid heartbeat, increased anxiety, hallucinations, anger issues, lack of sleep, and loss of appetite. I am happy to report that I haven’t felt anything other than a three-day long headache, which was likely due to stopping coffee/tea cold turkey and the wicked sinus cold I had. Otherwise all seems to be going well.

During the course of the day, I do have moments when I feel a little whoa, as in I have to take a moment and get my bearings. Not quite tipsy but definitely noticing that something has changed.

In general, I feel more present. I used to feel disoriented every now and then; feeling like I was in someone else’s movie. Now, I feel like I am grounded. The ability to stay on topic in my head has also improved, even after the meds wear off. The walk home is calming. I may be having an easier time remembering things but I don’t want to prematurely note that. I haven’t have any challenges yet.

Regarding challenges, today was a challenge and a half. First, we got notification that it would be a half-day of school due to the weather. That meant a very short in-person day at work. Just enough time to get my self organized and hold my weekly team meeting and then out the door to walk home again. It’s just over an hour and I’ve got the Pumpkin, we’re back home, and I’m settling back to work. Then all manners of insanity broke out at work with a very late-breaking red flag project with a very tight deadline. I seemed to handle all the interruptions and be able to put together a project plan decently. The big difference was my emotional state. Nice and calm. Not anxious. And I was still able to jump around quickly from task to task but now I remain on each task instead of playing task whack-a-mole. This is hard to explain, as it seems contrary, but it’s the pace and emotional state while the jumping is happening.

One thing I used to do, was get irritated while waiting for things to open and download. I would typically try to fit other tasks in while I waited. This, of course doesn’t work because I get distracted and then delayed in doing the work related to the original task. Now, I just look at the time as a little rest and enjoy the pace. In the end, even though I am not jumping around, I am also not getting pulled into too many directions, thus making my work more productive. Honestly, task whack-a-mole is not a good work tempo and it really doesn’t increase productivity.

Although I do not feel like my appetite has decreased any, I think I might have less of a craving for carbohydrates than previous. I did have a test this afternoon, that involved bakery goods, time, and budget, and although I told myself four good reasons for skipping the baked goods, I caved anyway. Craving 1, VyVanse 0.

Before I started Vyvanse, I downloaded the SleepBot app and surprisingly, I have been getting to sleep pretty easily since I started to use it. One of my issues is that although I start many good practices for health, I can’t seem to stick with anything. Thankfully, the sleep app seems to be working well. I’m pretty sure I’m getting my eight hours a night. Now, if I can just adjust my schedule so I can get to the gym in the morning, I’ll be overjoyed.

Another thing I notice is that I have an easier time sticking to a schedule. I’m pushing the boundaries less and I haven’t been late for anything this past week.

It’s all very encouraging. But it’s just the beginning. It will take time and careful observation to see if this is working for me.


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