ADHD versus Vyvanse – Week Three

I have a hypothesis that Vyvanse has decreased my craving for carbs and sweets but I am not entirely certain. Decreased craving yes, but I still eat crap. This morning I totally impulsively bought a bag of bite-size Milky Ways bars before my meds had kicked in. Granted it was a rather small bag, that if I eat entirely, is only 400 calories. I know, only, but I haven’t opened the bag yet and I might not.

I have to say, things are better but not 100%. So, the next step is to try a higher dose. It may seem odd that such experimentation is to be expected but there is no one-size-fits-all for ADHD treatment. There are quite a few options available in many strengths and the approach is that you try different things out until you find the right meds at the right dose. This weekend, we’ll see how the higher dose works and either continue with that, or go back to the original dose.

By no means do I imply that meds work magic and are a total remedy. What the meds do, is sort of put a leash on your brain so that you can get to the hard work of training your brain to work with the quirks instead of fighting them. Otherwise trying to get things in order while fighting with your brain is overwhelming and no progress is made. Many people assume ADHD people are lazy when in reality, they are so overwhelmed, they just shut down and focus on tasks that are soothing.

I read an article last week, I can’t recall at the moment, that said the brain cannot distinguish between real stimuli and imagined. For example, if you watch a frightening movie with zombies, your brain would respond the same way as if you were actually being chased by zombies. For the overactive imagination, one that is constantly anticipating every possible disaster, it really stresses out the brain. Normal people can calm themselves down much easier than ADHD people and I find that the meds are doing a fairly decent job of allowing my rational self to calm down my imagination. Before, I would obsess about random irrational things and try as I might, could not calm myself down. This is especially convenient at bedtime. Since starting the meds, it’s been 30 minutes at the most to fall asleep.

I have been getting to the gym a little more but I have yet to make it a daily routine. I especially feel good when I take my meds and get a good workout in.

I have my first follow-up appointment with my neurologist and am glad I’ll have these posts to tell him about. Otherwise, it’s hard to remember, still.



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