Gothic Handbook Fail

Note: The following post relates to the project requirements for my Foundations in Creativity class. Originally posted to the creativity blog on October 18, 2015.

Today does not mark the beginning of the project. I have been considering what to produce for some time now, actually since I opened the syllabus.

I thought perhaps a handbook manuscript guiding the unfamiliar person through the Gothic sub-culture might be interesting while working with my overall project hypothesis that creative people are creative in every aspect of their lives, not just in what they produce and that creative people create their own world, first and foremost. Alas, after several hours of work, I am abandoning my endeavor. For one thing, I don’t feel emotionally engaged in the work. For another, there is too much material to cover even the basics of the sub-culture within the time allotted for this project. Finally, this seems like journalism and hardly creative.

What did we read this week, play to your strengths? My strength is writing. My weakness is focus with a side of no-money and little-time. What did Teresa Amabile write in this week’s reading? Remove obstacles. One obstacle is the fear of not finishing anything in time – accomplishing nothing. Therefore, I write this record of my journey through mindfully being creative every day; the successes and the failures. If I do not come up with a masterpiece project, at least there will be this blog.

Today I commit to being mindful of creativity every day. Every day, I will avoid things that do not produce anything, e.g. social media. Instead, I will strive to create every day. Along with this commitment to doing something, I will embrace failure as a necessary part of the process and improve my relationship with ambiguity, something I don’t handle very well. I will try not to overthink as you have recommended.

It’s important to note that I can already see how ADHD can inhibit creativity; not because of inhibitions but because of decision paralysis.


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