My Notebook Is My Best Friend Right Now

Note: The following post relates to the project requirements for my Foundations in Creativity class.
Originally posted to the creativity blog on October 23, 2015.

How essential is a notebook to the creative process! Mine is an ever-present companion these days. I am constantly jotting down notes.

Today I consider that if creativity and innovation are so important, why are the creative people treated so poorly? Why are we ostracized and weird because we are different? Everyone wants creativity but they certainly don’t want the people who come along with it, particularly in business environments. It’s all about creativity on their terms. What they don’t understand is that creativity is your entire person. It’s as if they’re asking me to cut off my arm because they need me to write with it, but the remaining part of my person cannot be involved in the process. They demand the creative product of me and deny the creative person I am.

This is a particularly sore topic. I used to work at a law firm where this was practice. I was so tormented that I developed a physical tic and emotional damage.

Thankfully this project doesn’t demand normalcy of me and I can be myself. I take comfort in learning during our readings that being different is beneficial to creativity and justified. However, creativity doesn’t always follow a schedule so I have renewed my commitment to ALWAYS have a notebook. In college, during my most productive time in terms of creativity, I was never without a notebook. It was a good idea then and remains a good idea now. I am exploring using voice memos on my phone but there’s something about writing in a notebook. It’s probably the old in me. I also consider how many ideas escaped over the years because I didn’t write them down. Must always write things down!

Featured, is a photo of my trusty notebook next to my favorite lamp. Did you know pineapples were a symbol of welcome in the 18th Century and are the official mascot fruit of Colonial Williamsburg? We got the lamp base for free from our local thrift store because it didn’t work. My husband rewired it and voila! It wasn’t tall enough for the shade so we combined it with a piece of the original base. It’s a frankin-lamp!


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