Make-up and the Canvas of the Face

Note: The following post relates to the project requirements for my Foundations in Creativity class. 
Originally posted to the creativity blog on October 26, 2015.

In the theme of creativity every day, today I consider make-up; a daily routine that no two women do exactly the same. Every morning, your face is a clean canvas. Sometimes you go natural or representative. Sometimes you end up a little more on the impressionist side. Sometimes things get very dramatic!

Every woman develops her own strategy and approach. It’s probably taken for granted but it’s likely the one area in which most women can get creative within on a daily basis. I don’t think I’ve even done the same thing twice in a row. I change eye shadow and eye liner colors completely randomly resulting in many combinations. There used to be lip stick as well but I run out of time every morning.

The items in the photo are some of what I use every day (Great Lash), some items reserved for special occasions (high-pigment red eye shadow), and, naturally no self-respecting Goth would ever be without her black liquid eye-liner.

Along with their purpose, to improve upon the canvas of your face, there are the containers themselves. I included two Clinique pallets that have lovely floral designs on them. These are usually part of a design concept for special promotions. Guest designers are invited to create the concepts. I might enjoy designing a make-up container myself one day, if I ever got the chance. My concept might be mate black with moss-green/gray, sans-serif lettering; clean like Pantone. Or, perhaps something that looks like old apothecary jar labels. I could call the line, “mysterious remedies” or some other old-timey sort of thing.

Make-up might not fit the novel aspect because it’s very subtle and everyone does it but there is a reason make-up artists are called artists.


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