The Sunlight Has No Logic Here

On a beautiful day such as this, the sunlight reflects on any number of buildings creating multiple “suns.” There is a danger of migraine so I must remember to wear my sunglasses and hat.

Most buildings in Center City Philadelphia have texture, aside from the Comcast building which is entirely shiny and reflects the sky in such a way as to almost disappear. It’s the closest thing to Klingon stealth technology that I’ve ever seen in real life. The rest have a combination of glass and masonry which create regular, more or less, patterns. On a day like today, the sun reflects and casts dappled light onto building facades, breaking up the regular geometric patterns with organic spots of light and dark shadow. I’d take a photo but I can never capture these things the way my mind sees them; film and I just don’t get along.

It reminds us that no matter how hard we try to organize things and give things structure, nature will always add a little chaos to the mix. It reminds me to accept my own chaos, gracefully. when I fail to reign things in adequately.


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