Time Is On My Side, Which Is Not Always a Good Thing

I find myself about to face the daunting experience of Time Off. Saying I’ll be available should something come up is like a security blanket of calm because without the constraint of professional work, I have too many options to commit to do anything, which makes me anxious.

I have so many things I could do, and have been meaning to do, but the minute Time Off presents itself, I will forget all of these things. Every. Single. One. Instead, I will contemplate doing something and end up not engaging in any particular task. If I start to watch TV absolutely nothing will get done.

I really don’t want to spend the week staring off into space followed by a day or so of panic as I remember everything I wanted to accomplish and then the next few months spent cursing because I have so many things to do that I could have done but didn’t.

For the last few months, I have been fighting with a planner that’s too small. I tried to be budget-friendly and just deal with it, however, my planner is a tool and it was like using a screwdriver to hammer things. Needless to say, I finally caved-in and bought a larger planner. I really wanted the Passion Planner but alas, they have sold out. That will be on my list for next year. Instead, I have a lovely 8×10 At-A-Glance with big pages that have enough room to organize things to do and things to think about doing. It’s important to keep the radar-type things visible at all times or they disappear into the oblivion, which is upsetting, and a small planner just doesn’t have enough room. The vertical date segments allow for a section for things to do now, things to be added to the budget ledger, things for reference, and plans. Neat and organized and always visual.

Speaking of organizing one’s planning efforts, I find the Bullet Journal approach very interesting. However, I think the idea of spreading things around and having to jump from section to section might be problematic for someone who can’t remember where they parked the car, regardless of how items are coded. Still, I have decided, that for the brainstorming part of planning, the approach is worth a try and one segment of my planner page has been sectioned-off for bulleted lists. Right now, I have been collecting things I’d like to do during Time Off.

I like the idea of using different colors for different things but I haven’t quite gotten consistent in my usage yet. I think I might need to acquire some pens for the purpose. I might think red for important deadlines, blue for some time this week things, and green for floaty things to do eventually. Maybe pink for Pumpkin-related tasks?

Although using a planner has been a constant approach for years and years, every now and then I evolve my approach and practices.


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