Happy Halloween

Note: The following post relates to the project requirements for my Foundations in Creativity class.
Originally posted to the creativity blog on October 31, 2015.

Today is Halloween – my favorite holiday! Holidays, especially those during which people decorate everything, are the perfect example of how anyone can be creative. In our house, Halloween is our favorite holiday for many reasons but mainly, as weird people, it’s the one day during which people just assume you’re being festive rather than freaky and we relish in it!

This year has been a little off. We didn’t do our usual super spider covered façade. If there ever was proof that not having enough time ruins creativity, running out of time to decorate your house is it. We did get to our mantle, however, this year bringing in natural things like moss and twigs. I am very into the 18th Century and really like natural, primitive, and folk décor rather than cartoony. Of course there were pumpkins. I absolutely adore jackalopes and decided to try a primitive illustration version for my pumpkin this year.

halloween 2015 mantle
My photography does not do our mantle justice. It was so much better in reality.

I have already mentioned the art of make-up but during Halloween is exactly when make-up becomes art. One year, we did Dia de los Muertos faces. It took several hours but we looked fantastic. Such make-up always reminds me of those people who make the mandalas out of sand only to brush the design away. During the process, you learn to create for the temporary joy of creating something beautiful that’s not meant to be held on to for the ages. It’s OK to let go. Creativity doesn’t have to be permanent.


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