Urban Adventure: The Little Red Lighthouse

I’m a follower of the Forgotten NY blog because the only thing better than New York City is all the places that people don’t know exist in New York City. A few weeks back, I tripped over this post – http://forgotten-ny.com/2012/06/road-to-the-little-red-lighthouse/ – about the Little Red Lighthouse, or officially Jeffrey’s Hook Lighthouse; named after a little peaceful nook of water along the Hudson River. Being cute and obscure and near home, the lighthouse was immediately added to my list of places to visit in the very near future.

To learn more about the lighthouse’s history, visit the Fort Washington Park website – http://www.nycgovparks.org/parks/fort-washington-park/highlights/11044. Naturally, such a colorful lighthouse has a rather colorful past including a move from Sandy Hook, New Jersey.

According to the article, getting to the lighthouse is difficult and dubious…

181st Street, Manhattan, NYC

However, we found that it was quite easy and safe to get to, providing you go to the 181st Street A train station and walk west to the water. When you get to this point, you make a right at the stop sign. Upon turning, you see the pedestrian bridge that takes you right to the Hudson River path.

Hudson River Path

I will note that the path is pretty steep but not treacherous in the slightest. I imagine it’s quite lovely when the trees bloom but we settled for several cheerful daffodils.

Hudson River Path Tunnel

This is not a scary tunnel. However…

Hudson River Path Train Overpass

This bridge passing over the MetroNorth train line was rather decrepit. Notice my close inspection of the wood planks.

We continued on down the pathway, along the rocky shore of the Hudson River; it’s really an incredible view. And then!

Little Red Lighthouse

There it is! It is very little indeed but how cute!

Little Red Lighthouse





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